Website Spotlight: The Nest Creative Therapy Center


Krista Reinhardt-Ruprecht, a play and art therapist in Lafayette, Colorado, reached out to me when she was considering rebranding her business. She had started her private practice, Big Dog Little Dog Healing Arts, a couple years earlier, and since then, had gotten clearer about how she wanted her business to grow in the future.

She told me she had a dream of inviting other creative therapists into her practice to form a group practice, but her current business model and name wouldn't accommodate that dream in an ideal way. She envisioned her new practice would be called "The Center for Creative Therapies" because she liked the idea of people tapping into their "center" for healing and growth.


We started our work together by talking about Krista's business goals, including her dream of growing into a group practice. Then, we moved into forming her new branding. She chose to include logo design in her web design & branding package, so in addition to a new color palette and visual elements, we collaborated to come up with a new logo that would exemplify her new brand.

After we solidified her new branding, I started designing her new website to connect with her ideal clients. I made all of the paint/marker/paper backgrounds on her site specifically for her branding - they're completely custom.

Meanwhile, Krista was on the search for new office space, and made the fateful discovery of a very similarly-named business right down the street from her new building. Forced to reexamine, Krista tapped into her "center," and came up with a new name: The Nest Creative Therapy Center.

I reworked the logo and made a couple changes on her website to reflect the new name, and voila! Her new brand suddenly came to life. It was as if her new brand was meant to be named "The Nest" all along.


The Nest Creative Therapy Center specializes in treating childhood trauma/PTSD, anxiety, and Sensory Processing Disorder via play therapy, art therapy, and brainspotting. Krista is passionate about helping parents better relate to their kids, so she also offers parent coaching and parent support groups. She will be welcoming new practitioners in 2019.


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