Website Spotlight: Danielle Nowlan LCSW


Danielle Nowlan, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Intuitive Eating Counselor in Chicago, Illinois, reached out to me when she was starting to transition to full-time private practice. She had purchased a website domain a year earlier, but hadn’t made any headway on her website since then.

She knew that if she wanted to make the most of her transition, she had to up her website game. Like many therapists, Danielle also knew that website tech is not in her zone of genius, so she took the courageous step of asking for help.

I was so excited when Danielle first contacted me and let me know she’s an Intuitive Eating Counselor and advocates for Health At Every Size, because I’ve found so much personal healing in practicing intuitive eating and body acceptance.

As she submitted her questionnaires, and I learned more and more about who she wanted to work with, and what her driving mission is, I began to see that I shared many characteristics with her ideal client. I found so much personal value in learning about her work, that I felt, on a very deep level, how her ideal client wanted to feel.

I have this experience with every website I create, but I felt really lucky to be creating from a place of personal experience with Danielle’s type of work, and I think that allowed me to bridge the gaps of ideal client / practitioner and ideas / design a bit quicker than I usually do.

The final result is a new website, complete with new branding and logos that emanate Danielle’s energy and validate her ideal client’s deepest needs and desires.