custom website design, brand development, and copywriting to elevate your professionalism and grow your practice


you started your private practice for a reason, and it’s time.


It’s time to take your marketing to the next level.

It’s time to get serious about finding perfectly aligned clients.

It’s time to make a difference in more peoples’ lives.


increase your impact by investing in custom design that reflects your unique way of holding space.


There may be hundreds of other private practice therapists in your area, but you have something no other therapist has: yourself.

I’ll work with you to discover your distinct energy and style, which I’ll then translate into visual terms so you can stand out from the crowd.



how it works


step 1


apply & build
your package

If you’re interested in booking any (or all) of the following services, start by applying here.

  • Custom Squarespace Website Design

  • Brand Development

  • Logo Design

  • Copywriting

  • Brand Collateral Design (including: business cards, blog post graphics, social media graphics, flyers/handouts)


step 2


& create

If we’re a good fit to work together, we’ll set a start date for your project and get to work! My custom design process is very collaborative because I want your new website, brand, and/or logo to look and feel like you!

As I create your custom design, I never want you to feel lost or confused, so I’ll manage your project using Asana. You’ll be able to watch our progress, ask me questions, and keep track of due dates - all in one place!


step 3


launch &

Once your project is complete, we get to announce it to the world! With your new professional online presence, you’ll be able to confidently market your practice and grow the business of your dreams.

When your online presence is aligned with the heart-centered essence of what you do, you open yourself to new possibilities and growth in your business and life. In other words: your new website is more than just a new website; it’s a way to take your business to the next level.


- Payment plans available -

Working with Monica was the best money I’ve ever spent on anything for my business and/or professional growth. The fact that Monica comes from a therapy background made all the difference. She knew how my website needed to come across to people, and her way with words is incredible.

Since launching my website last month, I’ve started with three new clients, I have one scheduled to start next month, and one new client already scheduled for the month after that! When people call me, they’re already ready to book!
— Danielle Nowlan, LCSW | Chicago, IL
My most received compliment about my website is, “It’s so you!” That’s exactly what I wanted. In having someone else create for me, I think I wondered if it would feel like “me.” Monica did an amazing job at reading between the lines of all of my questionnaires and getting a feel for who I was. I feel like my website is the perfect prequel to actually entering my office and speaking with me.
— Alexa Rodell, LCSW | Huntington Beach, CA


my custom design services are right for you if:

  • You're a therapist, coach, or other "holder of space," and you've been in business for two or more years.

  • Your current website doesn’t reflect the powerful work that you do.

  • You know the basics of marketing your practice online, but you want to take your efforts further.

  • You’re fully committed to taking your business to the next level.

  • You're ready to stop doing all the things in your business, and hire out custom design because it's not your zone of genius.

  • You can communicate your thoughts and ideas via email/messages.

  • You’re available to respond to emails within one business day.

  • Your website is already on Squarespace, or you’re willing to switch.

  • You trust the process.

my custom design services are
not right for you if:

  • You’re just starting out in business. My custom design process requires you to know a lot about your business and have a basic understanding of marketing. Instead of investing in custom design right away, consider taking a marketing course or hiring a coach. These things will help you set up a foundation before you invest in custom design.

  • You want a free or low cost design. Check out my DIY Website Guide or my blog if you’re not ready to invest quite yet.

  • You’re too busy to collaborate on the design process and/or submit feedback in a timely manner. My custom design process relies on prompt communication; any prolonged delays effect not only your project, but other therapists who are lined up to work with me after you.

  • You don’t want your website to be on Squarespace. Currently, I do not built websites on Wordpress, Wix, or any other website builder.


apply here




Do you only work with people who use squarespace?

I design websites exclusively on Squarespace, so if you’re not on Squarespace now and you want me to design your site, I’ll help you switch over.

However, if you’re on Wordpress or Wix and you don’t want to switch, you can book me for brand development, logo design, copywriting, or brand collateral design. When our project is complete, you can add your new branding or copy to your website on your own.

do you offer payment plans?

Yes. Most projects can be divided into up to 4 monthly payments.

do you only work with therapists?

Nope! I work with all types of helping professionals; coaches, healers, teachers, etc., as well as passionate business owners. If you're wondering if we'd be a good fit, apply here and I'll get back to you.