BUNDLE: The Brand Clarity Questionnaires


BUNDLE: The Brand Clarity Questionnaires

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Purchase the exact questionnaires I send all of my custom Branding & Web Design clients. Dig in and explore the key elements to designing your own brand and/or website.

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What’s Included:

Part 1: Your Ideal Business

  • Discover the underlying drive that will propel your business forward

  • Unearth your WHY: the most important piece to starting any business

  • Create the most aligned version of business for you

Part 2: Identify Your Ideal Client

  • Discover what an Ideal Client is (and what it’s not)

  • Start magnetizing the right clients to your practice

  • Learn why focusing on one person won’t limit your practice

  • Identify exactly who your unique Ideal Client is, and how to reach them

Part 3: Create Your Brand Identity

  • Create your own standout brand

  • Define your brand values, and use them to propel your business

  • Utilize line, shape, and color to attract and connect with your Ideal Client

  • Create your own brand board, with the help of real client examples