Website Design: Frequently Asked Questions

Is a website really that important? Can't I just use my Facebook page or Psychology Today profile to grow my practice?

A website is paramount if you own a business, which you do. While Facebook, Psychology Today, and other similar platforms are important pieces of your online presence, they should never substitute a website.

Think of your social media and networking profiles as booths at a farmer's market. They can help you gain exposure and foot traffic, but you don't own the booth, and ultimately, the visitors belong to the farmer's market, leaving you with little influence.

What website building platform do you use?

I design websites exclusively on Squarespace. I do this for a few reasons:

  1. Squarespace sites are among the best performing in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which means when people search for counselors in their area, your website will show up toward the top of the list.
  2. A Squarespace account includes everything you'll need to run a secure website, all in one place (including 24/7 tech support).
  3. The backend of any Squarespace site is extremely user friendly. I'm all about designing you a site that makes you feel empowered, not helpless. When I finish my design, I want you to feel confident in making changes/additions as your business grows so you don't feel like you have to hire someone anytime you want something changed.

Do you design logos?

Yes, I design graphic logos. I do not design hand-drawn logos at this time.

Will you write the words on my website, or will that be up to me?

I will write all the words on your website (this is known as "copy") based on your answers to my questionnaires. I'll translate the most important information into simple, concise language that connects with your specific clientele.

What's the process like to work with you?

First, let me know you're interested by applying here. I will return your inquiry within one business day with any additional questions I have about your project. Then, I'll send you a proposal with detailed information and price options to choose from. Once you select your package options, we'll sign some paperwork and get started!

Standard projects (brand development, copy, and website design) are usually complete in one - two months, but our timeline will depend on the size and scope of your project, and how quickly I receive feedback and information from you. The first 2-4 weeks will be spent gaining clarity on your brand; we'll talk about your goals, your practice, and your ideal clients. The remaining time will be spent designing the right website for you. Throughout the process, we'll stay connected via email to make sure everything is coming together in the way you envisioned.

Every project ends with a Tutorial Call, where I walk you through the backend of your website and make sure you feel confident in managing your site on your own.

Do you only work with therapists?

Nope! I work with all types of helping professionals; coaches, healers, teachers, etc. If you're wondering if we'd be a good fit, apply here and I'll get back to you.